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Monitor stand and desktop planters



LIKE YOU, we lOVE the natural world, and in particular plants.  


We sleep next to them, eat alongside them, shower in front of them..... but when it came to working long hours at our desks the relationship just kind of got forgotten about. 

A search for desk planters was disappointing.


There was little that allowed the functionality of a workspace to be maintained and at the same time bring on board our favourite house plants.


So, we designed some ourselves.

Initially the goal was to explore home office decor ideas for only our own OFFICES but we quickly got swept away when researching how plants and other aspects of home office design could be tweaked to maximise productivity.

It quickly became apparent that this information was too valuable to be kept hidden away, and so Eden Indoors was started as a way of sharing.


And that, in a nutshell, is how we met today.

Are you looking to redesign your home office to help make work or study  easier and more enjoyable?
Let us do all the legwork and summarise key design tips that you can implement straightaway.
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What steps CAN YOU IMPLEMENT TODAY that will make your home office a more productive space?