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Elho Brussels Round Mini 10.5cm


Made from recycled plastic that is generated using Elhos own source of renewable energy, these Brussels round mini pots are the perfect home for your houseplants and invite a splash of gentle colour into your desk setup.


Strong, durable and fully recyclable you can feel good in your decision to welcome an Elho pot to your workspace. Available in a range of colours you can pick the one to suit your style, plant colour or mix and match them to create your own unique look.


At 10.5cm in diameter, these pots are the perfect fit to snuggly fit into all of our HIRTA and HARRIS plant stands allowing you can swap out colours depending on your desk set-up or home office decor (or when an indoor plant casulty requires tender loving care away from the workspace). They're also great for adding extra greenery to small spaces like windowsills, shelves and desks.


For each Brussels pot sold you'll also receive a standard plant pot liner enabling you to easily transplant your exisiting plants.


Create your own eden indoors.


Pot Colour
    • Diameter 10.5cm; Height 9.7cm
    • Made from recycled plastic using renewable energy
    • Available in a range of colours
    • Recyclable, durable and resiliant
    • Perfect for desks, windowsills, side tables and shelves